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We explore the connections between big data, analytics and business.

Big data and analytics are one of the most exciting areas in technology these days. Where in past centuries land or gold or other forms of capital was a huge factor in the creation of wealth, these days data is one of the most important tools.

While the phrase ‘big data’ is in itself quite recent, the act of gathering, refining and storing large amount of information has been around for ages. There was a time when a simple Excel worksheet with its millions of rows seemed like overkill. Who in the world would want or need to gather and analyse so much data? The world back then seemed like a much simpler place than what we see today.

These days, the amount of data that governments and large businesses gather and create is simply mind boggling. With the increasing penetration of Internet usage, we expect the growth to be even higher over time.

While some may feel slightly afraid, we believe that is simply increases the potential to unearth additional insights. I believe that the more data we get, the more insights we can uncover and the more data points we can connect together.

Just because we’re gathering so much data, it does not mean that it has all been sufficiently analysed. That’s where we, the big data professionals, can truly show our value and discover insights to help the world.

premise big data

Premise.is hopes to be able to make the entire subject of big data accessible to those who need it to make the world a better place.

About the Author

I started my career as a web developer, then began dabbling in search engine optimisation and performance marketing. When the big data trend hit, I brushed up on my analytics skills and dived deeply into this exciting new field.